Jenny Cong

UC Berkeley
Computer Science



Architectural design is the process of building up and tearing down structures on paper before they can be built once and for all.



The design was inspired by music boxes; it is a space where composers, musicians, and singers come together to create sweet melodies. The dance studio has three mirror walls and a curtain wall on the south side. This allows sufficient mirrors for dancing purposes and allow natural sunlight to enter at the same time. The curtain wall in placed on the south side of the room to create a more inviting atmosphere for visitors. Visitors will enter from pier 1 on the west side of the building. The first thing in sight is the outdoor performing space, and the bicycle storage is shielded with two curtain walls. After the lobby, there is an open hallway, which also acts as a breakout space. The purpose of having an open hallway is to create an open experience and avoid the long-narrow hallway experience for visitors and users. The individual rehearsal rooms and the digital learning lab have a panoramic view of the bay and the golden gate bridge. The second floor also features an open lounge, but the glass wall separating the library from the rest of the second floor will be double glass to create a quiet working space. The exterior walls of the second floor are decreasing in height, allowing for extra storage and shelving space. The building also features skylights on the roof of the control room, the lounge room and the library to allow natural sunlight to enter. The adjustable skylights can provide shading when there is too much sunlight.



The goal of my design is to make children, and even adults to be able to enjoy a healthy happy life other than school and work. The big idea that drives my design is: escaping from life pressure. Children nowadays are getting more and more pressure from school, parents, and life. It would be nice to have a day off and release all the pressure at the fitness center; and drink a cup of lemon juice while enjoying the beautiful site of golden gate bridge bathed in sunset.



Design is when I taste all the different combination of spices and stumble upon one that makes me close my eyes and hum.



Life is beautiful, but only if we appreciate it.

@ 2020 Jenny Cong