Jenny Cong

UC Berkeley
Computer Science




My first iOS app developed in swift - a simple guessing game.



An app developed by me and two other teammates that helps to store receipts and organize spending information, utilizing concepts such as core data and access authorization.



This is a class project for the blockchain challenge lab. Our team researched into the problem of resume verification redundancy and inefficiency and devised a solution through an immutable ledger of verified resumes on the blockchain, and as the developer on the team, I built a working demo with React, Ethereum smart contract, IPFS, Metamask, and web3.js.


Vinc, Blockchain for LCFS Credits

As one of the consulting projects at Blockchain at Berkeley, I was the lead developer on a team of five to create a transparent blockchain platform where Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) credits are issued and can be transacted in real time, allowing different parties to share data trustlessly and transaction history to be stored on an immutable ledger. We worked with PG&E and BMW to further research and develop a feasible solution, considering factors like permissioning, access control, data privacy, and auditing process, and our team was accepted into the first cohort of Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator.



Submission to the DeFi Hachathon in November 2019. Our team of three built a blockchain prototype platform, which provides a comprehensive view into the borrowing history of users, with reputation represented tokens which can be used to stake for other users with less crypto lending history.

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